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preserving a legacy

Using the accelerated death benefits from his life insurance policy enabled a dying man to fulfill his life's greatest dream.

By any measure, Mark Seamons was a remarkable man. Even though cancer of the retina left him blind at age two, he still lived a rich and full life. Mark married, raised a family and was a successful professional pianist in his home town of Salt Lake City. In 1987, when he purchased a universal life insurance policy from Beneficial Life, little did anyone know the important role this decision would play in preserving Mark's musical legacy, as well as protecting his family's finances.

Eight years later, in 1995, Mark was diagnosed again with cancer. The prognosis was bleak. Beneficial Life agent Curtis Moore helped Mark and Melva apply and receive an accelerated death benefit. With this, Mark could withdraw a portion of the value of his policy before his death without paying any interest or penalties. It was, in the words of Melva, "a Godsend."

Using the living needs benefit, Mark's family decided he should fulfill his greatest dream. In New York City, he played a special concert for his family at Carnegie Hall. Then on to Nashville for The Grand Ole Opry. And back home, Mark performed a special concert at Abravanel Hall, covered by a local TV station. Mark also produced four CDs, which today serve as a sweet reminder of Mark for Melva and his children, Mark, Michael and Mandy.

After Mark's death in January 1998, additional proceeds from his life insurance policy helped the family stay financially secure. It enabled the family to move to Colorado where they are establishing new roots. The benefits also have allowed Melva to pursue one of her own aspirations -- to earn a teaching degree in special education.

For Curtis Moore, the experience brought home the power of life insurance. "You simply do not understand how life insurance can transform a life until you are fortunate enough to meet people like Melva and Mark," says Moore. "They used the money to ease the burden of their situation, live a dream and create a lasting legacy of Mark and his music."





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