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overcoming disabilities

Disability insurance provides ongoing income for a woman who is injured. The insurance allowed her to fulfill her dream of adopting a child and live a happy life.

As a psychologist with a thriving practice, Dr. Janice Sullivan often helps people deal with personal and family crises. As an insurance agent with The New England, Dennis Cuccinelli often helps people plan so they can avoid financial crises.

In 1988, the two met to discuss Janice's insurance needs and conduct a financial analysis. Based on Dennis' recommendations, Janice purchased individual disability insurance from The New England. Dennis also recommended that she purchase additional disability coverage through the American Psychological Association.

Two years later, Janice sustained a severe back injury and became totally disabled. Janice's disability insurance provided ongoing income while she went through five operations and physical therapy. After a couple years, although still partially disabled, Janice was able to return to her psychology practice part time. Her partial disability benefits continue to provide a substantial portion of her income. Without the disability income, Janice undoubtedly would not have been able to fulfill her dream of adopting a child; Janice's disability insurance allowed her to meet the financial criteria necessary for adoption.

After recovering enough to be able to care for a child, Janice adopted Helen, a young girl in the custody of the state, who suffered from communication disabilities. Today, Janice is helping Helen overcome her disabilities and a strong bond of love and trust has grown between them.

Dennis is more than proud of this miracle of insurance. "Janice could have faced serious financial trouble after her accident," he said. "But with the disability insurance policies we wrote, she is secure. Most important, a young girl's life has been lifted into a loving, nurturing relationship."





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