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After the tragic death of her husband, a woman is able to maintain a safety net around her lifetime of dreams by working with her insurance agent to carefully invest the life insurance proceeds.

It is the interest we take in one another that often makes the biggest difference. For Jerry and Wenona Ray, it was the attention from Shirley Donnell, Jr., CLU, ChFC, an insurance agent representing Travelers Life & Annuity, that had a profound impact on their lives. Jerry met Shirley in 1970 when the two men played volleyball in Wichita Falls, Texas, and became friends. At the time, the Rays had two young daughters, and Shirley suggested that they meet to review their financial situation. The Rays first step was to purchase some life insurance.
But more importantly, over the years, Shirley showed them the need to prioritize their financial goals, create a plan and regularly review it. In 1980, the couple purchased a disability insurance policy from Paul Revere, a subsidiary of UNUM/Provident Insurance Company, to protect their lifestyle should Jerry become ill or injured and unable to work. And a few years later, now living in Lubbock, Texas, with their daughters getting ready for college, Shirley helped the Rays secure additional life insurance coverage from First Colony Life, a GE Financial Assurance Company.

Still, it came as a shock when Wenona called Shirley in January 1987. Jerry had a series of life-threatening heart attacks. He survived but could not work for some time. When he was unable to work, the disability policy purchased in 1980 paid full benefits, enough so that the daughters could stay in college.

By June 1992, Jerry's health had deteriorated considerably. Tragically, a heart transplant failed, and he died less than a month later. Shirley hand-delivered the life insurance money to Wenona in Lubbock. He then went to work again developing a new plan for the Rays.
Shirley educated Wenona about her investment options to safeguard her family's financial future. Using the insurance proceeds, Wenona purchased IRAs, mutual funds and life, disability and long-term care insurance for herself. This investment strategy has allowed her to live comfortably in the lifestyle she enjoyed when Jerry was alive.

Wenona feels comfort in knowing that, with her well-balanced financial plan, she will be financially secure. She beams when she describes Shirley. "He's maintained a safety net around a lifetime of dreams," says Wenona. "And made an immeasurable difference in our lives."





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