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health and life insurance

H ealth and Life Insurance are closely related. A life insurance policy is an agreement between you and your insurance company. An agreement cannot take place without the consent of both the parties involved in the contract. You will be charged premiums based on how you are rated on several pre-determined factors - "Health" being one of the major factors.

Out of the many factors analyzed during the underwriting process, the health of the applicant attracts special attention. Medical examinations are carried out to learn more about your medical profile. We have thrown some light on certain health related aspects taken into account by the insurance company before granting life insurance coverage. Learn how health and life insurance are related and why the words "Better Health, Lower Rates" are so meaningful!

Your age is also a factor in the cost of life insurance. If you want to attract lower insurance premiums then you might consider insuring yourself at a younger age. The premiums go up as we age. But if you buy that policy today, you will lock in that premium rate for length of the term - 10, 15, 20 years. A woman's life expectancy is longer than a man's. Thus women may pay a lower premium.

Insurance companies will check your existing medical records and conduct new medical tests in order to focus on certain specific areas to ascertain your insurance cost. These tests would include checking your cholesterol level, blood pressure, among other things. Your basic build, in the form of Height: Weight ratio shall also be calculated at the time of these tests. If the results are not according to the pre-defined standards set by the Insurance company then you could be charged an extra amount of premium.

Health disorders such as asthma, sleep apnea, heart disease, a family history of certain illnesses, coupled with other factors could increase your cost of insurance.

Our society is suffering from a high rate of health disorders such as alcoholism and excessive smoking. Insurance companies will verify your alcoholic consumption and smoking patterns to calculate the life insurance premium. Although, insurance companies do not clearly define ‘heavy alcohol consumption’, excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking could result in higher premiums.

Your occupation also has an impact on your health and consequently your life expectancy. Insurance companies do adjust their premium rates for those who have extraordinary occupations considered "risky" such as scuba diving, mountain climbing, parachuting, piloting a plane, and others.

In brief, insurance companies would take into consideration all the possible information that directly or indirectly affects your life or well being before finalizing your insurance premium.

When it comes to life insurance, the saying “Health is Wealth” holds true. You could be gifted with lower insurance premiums if you are healthy and could be charged more if you are not. At this juncture, it is necessary to inform you that the insurance company will give you a chance to reduce your premiums if your health situation improves. If in the future you are able to prove that you are in better health (by giving up cigarette smoking for instance) then insurance company could reduce your life insurance premiums.

Please share all your information accurately while applying for life insurance. Insurance companies know ways to unearth hidden information. Not disclosing the necessary information truthfully could result in a denial of coverage.

Every insurance company may have different factors for their analysis of applicants. It is advisable to share all your health related details with your agent or through an online insurance comparison service. They can help you in choosing the right kind of policy that best suits your health status.




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