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easing a tragedy

A woman learns the value of insurance after a tragic car accident takes the lives of her husband and oldest son and leaves her and her youngest son hospitalized.

The weight on Carla Winters’* shoulders seemed unbearable. Carla and her son, Nicholas, were in the hospital after a horrible car accident had left them badly injured and claimed the lives of her husband, Jeff, and oldest son, Christopher.

On top of her grief and worries about Nicholas’ recovery, Carla faced an uncertain financial future. Jeff’s income was suddenly gone, and she was unsure if the life insurance policies they had purchased just 12 days earlier had been processed yet.

As soon as their State Farm agent, Bob Eisenman, heard what had happened, he reassured Carla that her life insurance benefit would be paid. While Carla focused on her family, Bob made sure that the death benefit was paid promptly and handled the claims for her State Farm automobile insurance too.

“It was such a relief to know we were covered,” said Carla. “Our policies gave me the security to know I could cover the funerals and medical bills, take care of my son and not worry about how I would pay things off.”

It’s been almost six years since the accident, and Carla is moving on with her life. She has remarried and continues her work at a small-town hospital in Iowa. As for Nicholas, now in the fourth grade, his future plans are as secure as ever, thanks to the foresight of his parents.





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