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earthquake insurance

Something to keep in mind about this insurance is that a traditional homeowners insurance policy doesn't include coverage for earthquakes. If you live in a earthquake-prone area, this coverage may be a nice addition to your current policy.

In general, typical earthquake insurance covers the expenses that come with repair/replacement of damaged property. There are various options to choose from as well- including coverage to protect garages/accessory structures, personal contents within your home, as well as temporary living expenses if your home is destroyed.

Factors too keep in mind, which may affect your premium:

-Age of your home (older homes tend to cause a jump in premium)

-Is your home constructed of brick or wood?

Homes constructed of wood are better able to withstand the forces of an earthquake, and therefore you'll experience a lower premium

-The homes location

Your geographic area is rated in terms of a probability of a quake occurring; a higher probability will point to a higher overall premium.

How much is enough?

If when you decide to purchase earthquake insurance, obtain enough coverage to shield the costs of a complete rebuild, in addition to your lost/damaged possessions. Base your figures on the actual cost of rebuild, as opposed to the market value of your current home/possessions.

Your Financial World Can Be Shaken by an Earthquake...are you prepared for it?





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