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courageous heart

Health insurance helps a woman overcome a costly heart transplant, giving her new hope for the future.

Inside the chest of Daphne White beats a heart that will never be taken for granted. Daphne is the recipient of a heart transplant, a gift given to her by a young man who died tragically of a brain aneurysm in 1997. At the time, Daphne lay in the critical care unit of Medical City Hospital in Dallas, her own heart ravaged by a rare virus. Close to death, Daphne waited until a donor match was found and a team of world-class surgeons gave her a new life.

But heart transplantation, a wonder of modern medicine, does not come without risk and cost. Daphne's six-week hospital stay and first year of care cost over $250,000. Her monthly regimen of medication runs nearly $2,000. But through it all, one of her greatest allies has been her individual health insurance coverage.

Daphne and her husband, Kemble, purchased the policy in July 1994 due to the limited coverage available to them through Kemble's association group. So, they consulted with Derek DeSouza, an insurance broker. He researched their options and helped them choose a plan from Time Insurance, an affiliate of Fortis, Inc. Group, that offered more benefits at a reasonable cost.

Derek's work paid off. The policy has covered most of the costs associated with Daphne's heart transplant and ongoing care. "I thank God for the insurance and Derek's work," says Daphne. "Without it, we would have been financially devastated."

Derek says that Daphne's case represents a high water mark in his 27-year career in the insurance industry. "It's inspiring to see the difference insurance can make in the life of a single individual or family," says Derek.

Daphne's personal courage also serves as an inspiration. Recently, Daphne was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a condition possibly linked to her heart medication. Yet, she is positive about the future. "I came to terms with mortality two years ago," says Daphne. "My new heart taught me that every day is a gift."





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